A multi-horizon quantile recurrent forecaster


We propose a framework for general probabilistic multi-step time series regression. Specifically, we exploit the expressiveness and temporal nature of Sequence-to-Sequence Neural Networks (e.g. recurrent and convolutional structures), the nonparametric nature of Quantile Regression and the efficiency of Direct Multi-Horizon Forecasting. A new training scheme, forking-sequences, is designed for sequential nets to boost stability and performance. We show that the approach accommodates both temporal and static covariates, learning across multiple related series, shifting seasonality, future planned event spikes and cold-starts in real life large-scale forecasting. The performance of the framework is demonstrated in an application to predict the future demand of items sold on Amazon.com, and in a public probabilistic forecasting competition to predict electricity price and load.

arXiv preprint arXiv:1711.11053